An e-mail alias is actually an email that shares a mailbox with a different email address. For instance, you can have plus and emails sent to both of them will be received in a single mailbox. This feature will make it easier and much more convenient to control a variety of e-mail addresses as you will need to log in to one mailbox if you work with webmail as well as set up one single e-mail address in an e-mail application on your computer. When you create an alias, you will not only be able to get messages, but you will also be able to send emails from the various addresses and they'll share the Outbox, so you will still have all communication in one place. Implementing aliases can be an alternative option to using various e-mail addresses for various purposes or forwarding a single address to another to be able to control the emails of both in one place.

E-mail Aliases in Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, that is provided with each hosting plan we offer, will allow you to create as many aliases as you want for any of the emails you create inside your account. Setting up or removing an alias will require a few clicks, so you can manage a number of email addresses in a single mailbox even if you employ webmail as well as an email client on your PC or smartphone. In this way, you can take advantage of multiple emails for personal or company emails and save your time by connecting them to one or multiple mailboxes. It's also possible to combine having aliases for a specific mailbox and forwarding all of the incoming emails from a company to a personal e-mail address if you check the latter on a regular basis.

E-mail Aliases in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you have a semi-dedicated server from us and you wish to set up aliases for any active e-mail address in your account, it won't take you more than a couple of mouse clicks to do that. It is easy to create or delete aliases for a specific mailbox any time through the Emails part of the in-house built Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, which is provided with all the semi-dedicated packages. The feature will help you handle your mail messages much easier if you employ various email addresses in various sections of your web site. In case you combine it with our email forwarding feature as well as the filters you can create, replicates of all inbound messages sent to completely different e mail addresses/aliases can be kept both in the main mailbox for common usage and in the mailboxes of others - company staff responsible for numerous tasks, for example.